Rolex Demo 

The Rolex brand is renowned for its high-quality craftsmanship and luxury status, making it a desirable accessory for many individuals.

Making this video aim to showcase the beauty and sophistication of the Rolex watch, highlighting its unique features and design. Including 3D renders of the watch from different angles, as well as close-up shots that highlight its intricate details and precision engineering.

Our goal was to create a teaser video that entices viewers and showcases the Rolex watch as a must-have accessory for anyone who values quality and sophistication.

My Role - Overview

I used After Effects software, to create a visually animated three-dimensional models of the watch objects, and environments that appear in the video. After rigging, I created keyframes to animate the model, which involves defining the motion and position of the model at specific points in time. Then refined the animation by adjusting the timing, speed, and trajectory of the movements, adding details to create a realistic and engaging outcome.

Throughout the video, you can pay close attention to details, looking at the lighting, textures, and camera angles are all optimized to showcase the model's best features. 

In summary, this work is not a one-person job. I worked closely with other members of the production team, such as the 3D generator artist, and visual effects artists, to ensure that the final product is cohesive and meets the project's expectations.

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